First contact with psychotherapy

Feeling apprehensive about reaching out to a psychologist is entirely common and understandable. Nonetheless, conquering this fear and deciding to call is a crucial first move in your journey to improve your mental wellbeing. Simply deciding to make that call and sticking with the decision can bring comfort and lead you towards a more positive direction.

Psychologists are quite aware of the challenge posed by that initial outreach. Your first call may seem daunting to you, but it’s something they deal with routinely. Just leave a message with your details, your phone number, and the reason for your call. Simply expressing your interest in exploring psychotherapy is enough. Once  return your call is returned, you will have a brief conversation to better understand your needs, assess how you can best be assisted, and schedule an appointment.

You might be inclined to accept the first appointment slot offered to you. However, pause for a moment before you agree. If the timing doesn’t align with your schedule, you can inquire about other available times that might be more suitable for you.

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